What is Easy Loot?

Easy Loot is an empire filled with ruthless, money-hungry entrepreneurs like yourself. Our users come from all over the world to grow as a trader entirely. Our team has been off the grid for the last few years working on self-development, it was 2019 when we decided to come out of the dark after seeing the demand for trading education from people like yourself.

As a result, we founded a family of traders and entrepreneurs whose mission is to learn from each other’s mistakes, help each other grow along the way, and make Easy Loot! In addition to our mission statement, we aim to create life-long bonds beyond making a simple buck.

Easy Loot
Our Mission

Our Mission

Throughout our time in the trading industry, more specifically cryptocurrencies, we’ve seen far too many people pay too much money to learn average trading skills. This and the combination of Instagram & YouTube ‘gurus’ setting unrealistic and borderline delusional expectations about the fast money trading lifestyle. Enough was enough and we decided if that anybody was going to step up to the plate and combat these ‘gurus’, it would be us.

There’s no reason why you’d need to spend thousands of dollars on courses, when there are just as good if not better material online for free. Our mission is to help you take control of your trades and turn you into a successful trader by teaching you the necessary skills and strategies while you are immersed in our free chat rooms. Many people show up to Easy Loot in hopes of being lead in the right direction as a trader; what they end up finding is an entire community full of free trade signals, insights, education, support and so much more!

Our Story

Easy Loot was co-founded by Kyer and Jack in October 2019 with a plan that would form a lifelong bond with our members. A plan that would include everyone, forming the positive community we have today. We separated ourselves from the big clump of trading gurus by creating a free and all-inclusive environment for investors and entrepreneurs… We will make a global impact.

We have been working collectively for years, dabbling in the crypto industry as early as 2013 collecting Dogecoin out of free faucets online. From that moment that’s how the love for crypto and the term Easy Loot was coined. Every time Kyer collected money off those free Dogecoin faucets he said ‘Easy Loot‘.

Easy Loot’s community consists of over 1000 members world-wide; Since launch we’ve been 100% transparent with every style of learning used inside, start to finish. We hope to continue expanding our network into a respected global community for all levels of traders and continue growing as a family.

Our Story

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