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Easy Loot Example of Market Capitulation
Technical Analysis Basics


What is Capitulation?In the world of finance, the concept of capitulation is brought up into conversation when an investor is no longer interested in making a valid effort to regain lost profits due to the declining price of the underlying asset on his position....

Easy Loot Fibonacci Extension Example
Technical Analysis Basics

Fibonacci Extension

What are Fibonacci Extensions?Fibonacci Extensions are the levels of support and resistance used by traders to identify potential profit targets and estimate a continuation of a price movement after a pullback or reversal. Fibonacci extension levels are highly...

Easy Loot Moving Averages Example on Bitcoin
Technical Analysis Basics

Moving Averages

What are Moving Averages?The moving average (MA) is a simple technical analysis indicator that smooths out previous price data by creating a constantly updated average price. The average is taken over a specific trading period, depending on whatever time period the...

Easy Loot Cycles Example on Bitcoin
Technical Analysis Basics


What are Cycles?Market cycles are not only common for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but also found regularly in traditional stock markets. In the US Stock market, such cycles happen over longer periods of time on average than Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  The...

Easy Loot Targets Example on Stellar
Technical Analysis Basics

Profit Targets

What are Profit Targets?A profit target is a predetermined point at which an investor will exit a trade in a profitable position. Also called take profit levels, they are part of many trading strategies that investors and technical traders use to manage risk....

Easy Loot Multiple Time Frames Example
Technical Analysis Basics

Time Frames

What are Time Frames?In order to consistently make money in the markets, traders need to learn how to identify an underlying trend and trade around it accordingly. The two primary variables for technical analysts are the time frames considered and the particular...

Easy Loot Volume Example on Bitcoin
Technical Analysis Basics


What is Volume in Technical Analysis?Volume in technical analysis refers to the number of units or shares of an asset that have been traded in a given time period. Volume is used by technical analysts and investors as an additional key metric to make the best...

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