Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you post your signals?

We post signals in our Telegram groups everyday, and constantly update the Signals channel with our trades throughout the day. You can also check out our pages on TradingView, we send signals with exact entry points, SL’s, and TP.

What exchanges do you use to trade?

Binance is used to trade Bitcoin & altcoins. Very easy user interface, able to just set the orders on the Binance mobile app and go about my day. Sign-Up now to start trading:

Do you close all your orders on the same day?

This is variable. We daytrade & swing trade, sometimes scalp with entry -> exit time being as little as an hour. But i’d say on average unless we are swing trading for a weeks time or so, we usually close our signals within a day.

How much money can I make trading?

This question goes back to the ‘How much money do I need to get started trading’ question. The more money you put into a trade is directly correlated to the amount of money you make. The % profitability factor is the independent variable because every trade is a different % marker, but your dependent variable stays the same and that’s the amount of money you throw into a trade. You should always be throwing the same amount of money into each trade that you make.

Ex. If you buy $100 worth of Bitcoin and it goes up 10%, you’re looking at a nice $10 return off your $100. You can go buy yourself a Chipotle burrito, small bag of chips, and a cup of water.

Let’s scale this up a bit. Let’s say you bought $10,000 worth of Bitcoin and it goes up 10%. At a 10% return off of $10,000 you’re looking at $1,000 clean profits. You could buy 100 Chipotle burritos with this money. 

How do I know Easy Loot Strategies work?

“People lie numbers don’t”. On our website, Youtube channel, and TradingView posts we are fully transparent with our trades 100% start to finish. On this website you can click the results tab, which is available for your viewing pleasure.

Why do you give out your signals for free?

If you’re actually making money trading then there is no need to charge for signals or a paid course. ‘Trading Gurus’ that charge for signals don’t actually trade or aren’t profitable enough to solely supplement them. 

What is the long-term vision of Easy Loot?

In addition to creating a global community of go-getters and inspiring aspiring traders, Easy Loot plans to build a unique long-term diversified portfolio and start a hedge fund.  

How much money do I need to get started trading?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions on this entire page, if not the most asked. The Easy Loot team believes that when you are starting to trade, especially beginners, should be willing to lose what you put in. For some people this number may range from $100-$1000, and for others it may be $5000+. This question varies from person to person, there isn’t one definite answer for this question. It depends solely on your budget & risk tolerance.

Why use Easy Loot Signals?

1. Transparent – Full transparency is shown throughout all of our trades from entry to exit, every trade

2. Mirror Trading – We do all the complex analysis and send you the signals inside the Telegram Group, while all you have to do is place your order.

3. Community Support – Interact with traders from all around the globe. Talk and share trading ideas, news articles, or even just whatever on your mind.

4. No hidden charges – No commission fee or profit sharing. No additional payments or enrollment fees.

Who should use Easy Loot?

This service is designed for traders or anyone who wants to make extra passive income without the stress of having to spend all day charting and reading news. We do all of that work for you, daily performance recaps/portfolio positions are shared every morning.

How long will it take for me to understand trading?

The best way to answer this question is to compare it to any other career. Trading takes a lot of hard work, consistency, dedication, discipline and patience. The more time you practice analyzing charts the more comfortable you get with trading. Advanced traders learn new things everyday so don’t expect to learn this overnight.

To wrap this question up I would like to explain a brief comparison. A person who wants to be a doctor does not simply walk into the emergency room and perform their first surgery. They spend many years prior in college, medical school and residency before they can even construct their first surgery. This is very similar to trading when you’re first starting off, do not have your expectations too high and always expect the least expected. 

What is the hardest part of trading?

The hardest part of any skill is always the beginning when you have no idea what is going on and you’re overwhelmed with emotions. Once you overcome that initial overflow of emotions and trading doesn’t seem so scary, the most important thing I can tell you is you must learn to be patient with your trades. Trust the chart, trust yourself. 

Why did you start Easy Loot?

Throughout our time in the trading industry, more specifically cryptocurrencies, we’ve seen far too many people pay too much money to learn average trading skills. This and the combination of Instagram & YouTube ‘gurus’ setting unrealistic and borderline delusional expectations about the fast money trading lifestyle. Enough was enough and we decided that if anybody was going to step up to the plate and combat these ‘gurus’, it would be us.

What is the mission of Easy Loot?

Our mission stands strong as we develop a strong financial network, ultimately enabling you to Stress Less and Profit More. Easy Loot stands by operating an honest and transparent business, we believe that creating real connections with our network is extremely important. Easy Loot values making an impact over making an income.

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