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Upcoming NFT Collection Release: EtherWorlds

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Etherworlds are collectible pixelart worlds floating in the Ethereum blockchain. They are deterministically and procedurally generated, so each Etherworld you mint is a unique fantastical world with its own character. Hundreds of skillfully crafted pixelart elements are combined to produce a limited number of beautiful and detailed worlds. Discover the variety of Etherworld landscapes, architecture, wildlife and artefacts. - Etherworlds.io

Technical Details:

- Etherworlds are NFTs in form of the ERC721 compatible Smart Contract on the Etherum blockchain.

- Each Etherworld has a unique randomized seed which is used by deterministic, procedural algorithm. This means that every NFT is strictly linked with its image and metadata - the algorithm always generates the same Etherworld from single seed.

- After all Etherworlds are minted, binaries of the algorithm will be published, so everyone will be able to regenerate any NFT from its seed.

- MD5 checksums of binaries are already printed on the Smart Contract, which prevents any modifications of the algorithm.

- Full ownership and unlimited commercial usage rights are given to the owners of Etherworlds.

- Metadata of NFT also contains raw data about Etherworld's content, so it can be used by other developers


Etherworlds is an interesting project with a unique collection name and could be worth grabbing now.

The floor price was just .01 a week ago, it hit .03 at the high this week; Only two more Etherworlds are listed below .03.



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